I am the wife of the notorious Sywwow and have demanded a right to reply on this ridiculous website of his.

Firstly, I am not happy with him detailing aspects of our private life.

Sywwow is a disgrace. Consequently, I am too.

When we first started going out together, I told my mother some of the things we were getting up to. She said; “He’ll spoil you for other men“. I didn’t know what she meant. I do now.

I can testify that most of the things he goes on about here and elsewhere are true. You can therefore see what I have to put up with.

He is a reprobate of the first order.

You may have read here that recently he asked ‘a load of tarts & sluts‘ he knew – one of them being ME if he was ‘Mad, Bad & Dangerous to know‘. I can confirm he did and he most certainly is.

I doubt there’s another woman in the world who would tolerate him and his behaviour.

Despite everything I do love him – Louise, I hope you’re reading this.


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    Fucking Hell.

    Don’t take any notice of the silly tart.

    She’s just angry because of what I made her do last weekend.

    There’s never been a woman worse from knowing me.

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