Do Not Read This

Since setting up this wonderful website I have detected a marked change, for the worse, in my wife’s behaviour.

The latest outrage I have to contend with is her refusal to get in her cage. I bought that cage especially for her.

Not only that but she says I should go in it and threatened to put me in there.

I explained she would not be physically able to accomplish this. She countered with: “I will if Marie helps me”.
This scared me.

When she was ‘away’, as an experiment, I locked myself in the cage [clothed]. After a mere four hours I had affected my escape by the simple removal of the hinge pins. A padlock on the hinge side would have thwarted this but there is no padlock on the hinge side.

If that Marie comes around, I’m going to hide in the garage: inside the car contained within the garage – a sort of double bluff.

I have entitled this piece “Don’t Read This” so she doesn’t read this.

She always does what I say.

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