Those twats at IPIC* have been on to me, again.

*Internet People in Charge

Because of ‘the nature‘ of my site it has to be viewed in a certain way. Twats.
And, wait for it, this ONLY applies to ladies – sexist twats.

Turns out they’re right because they’re not twats.

What’s even better is,’non-conformists‘ must be ‘sanctioned‘ which, in anybody’s language, means spanked.

Henceforth, all ladies must view the site as per the examples sent to me by IPIC.

If you’re not viewing the site as per the guidelines please do so now. If you’d rather not, please contact me so as to arrange a mutually convenient time and place for the sanctioning.

IPIC examples:

IPIC example 1


IPIC example 2


And, no, I didn’t just make this shit up.

Check with IPIC


IPIC made me do it:

A non-confomist


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