Nothing is strange to me …

I sometimes have those nights when I can only dream.
Dreams that you quickly forget. but every now and then one gets stuck to you
Usually those are the bizarre incidents that make no sense, whether you like it or not.
But I remembered this one …

I come from a bar around midnight and take a taxi.
The taxi driver immediately asks me: “All alone tonight, honey?”
And then he says, “Home, for sure?” and starts driving immediately.
In an instant I am standing in front of a door that looks like mine.
Next to the door a window with a red lamp and an empty chair. Am I a whore?
The key fits and I go inside. But then I suddenly find myself in an unsightly snack bar with even more hideous staff.

People are eating. And one strikes me in particular.
I approach him and ask him something.
But because his mouth is full of French fries, the only thing he can say and I don’t understand is: SWOW SWOW SWOW.

Two seconds later I am sitting naked at the computer and end up on this website.
It should have been that way.

Nothing is strange to me …




Student and maybe a bit weird... But so is SYWWOW. No porn here. just teasers.... And I think I'm falling in love with some one I never met... website:

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    Speaking as an expert in dreams and their interpretation thereof.
    It means you should be here.

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