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2 years ago when I was 18 YO




Ok twats, there’s a button below this text. DO NOT press the button.

I know it’s tempting. I feel like pressing it myself. But, I won’t because I’ve been told [above] not to press it.

The best thing to do is ignore it. Go about your buisness. Look at other suff on this site.

If you really want to press a button press something, anything, in the right hand column. Though, admittedly, there’s no buttons in the right hand column.

So, we’re all agreed. We’re not going to press the button.




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  1. I pressed the button even if I should not.
    And you made me cum so much for you.

    1. You have to prove you did cum…
      I am very suspicious and want proof…

  2. I pressed the button.
    If there’s a button: I’m going to press it.
    I regret nothing.
    What’s more: I’m going to press it again.

  3. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and all tomorrows; you transcend beauty itself.

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