But sometimes things happen, inexplicably, that you cannot control.
For some time now, and I’m looking for something: I’ve lost my favorite recipe.

I searched all the way to the sadness, but no.
Now last week I opened a desk drawer that I never actually use.
And to my surprise I see a pile of clippings in the corner …
Yes, and on top of it my favorite recipe.
The first thing I have done is to get the appropriate tray from the cupboard and to fill it according to the recipe.
The recipe then orders me to put it in the freezer until it has cooled down after a few hours.
And then the fun really begins.
The result is the icing on the cake and in many cases brings cooling and adds an extra dimension to the things we like.
For me, however, it does not only bring cooling.

Sometimes it makes me totally hot.

And if you ask me, what you probably won’t do, it will give every healthy man a boner …

What an ice cube cannot do…

Only the stupid Day/Night switch. no need to click it…


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    “I searched all the way to the sadness”. – What a beautiful line.

    We don’t just write shit and put it on the web: this is literary art.

    [We also just write shit and put it on the web]


    I clicked the fucking button. Like a cunt.
    That toggle switch [not button] took me fucking ages to make [45 secs].
    You’re as cool as ice
    Which is nice

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