The strangeness continues, it gathers pace.

Today I encountered a Gypsy. She must have been real, with the gift, because she could see me.

The first inkling was the fear in her eyes, matched by disbelief.

I instinctively removed my shades, which I wear because of daylight.

I looked into her eyes which calmed her, somewhat. However, now, she became more probing, more inquisitive.

Transfixed, she tried to engage with me.

I can’t permit this.

My hands were trembling so much I couldn’t hold anything.

I turned my back to her and feigned an interest in the hills and trees, I even looked at the sky.

It was over. I never looked at her again even though she was trying so hard.

It is beyond rare to come across someone who can see me. There was Windsor Avenue, that was extreme and a long time ago. Only one or two since. Always a female, it is only they who can.

I think, if it happens again, I’ll allow it to progress just to discover if it really is so dangerous.

Why do I reveal this?
If you know – you must tell me.
Or, it could be made up bollocks.
I am Sywwow, after all.

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