If you happened to see the most beautiful girl in the world…

…it’s because you went to sywwow.com

I Updated this. Because I can

I Updated this, again. Because I had to, really

Press it, go on.

See what happens

This button will only reveal her to you when I decide

I can do these things

I do these things

These things I do

Once in every 100 years or so, 112 to be precise, comes a girl, a woman, who is so quintessential she alters the earth at its core.

The earth is too big and too noisy to notice. But it is changed, nonetheless.

History rarely records these desirous creatures. It may interest you to know that Cleopatra, Helen, even Marilyn, were not of her number.

Shakespeare met one and wrote of her. The great Augustus near married one. Perhaps, beguiled, Adam met the first – of that, I do not know, for certain.

As I look upon her now, perhaps I should never connect the button. You see, it’s never happened before.

I have a very old glass negative of one such as she, it’s too fragile to hold up to the light and view. I captured her without the intent of ever showing her.

I am now undecided whether to connect the button. But this is one of her effects – to confuse even a mind such as mine.

Or, perhaps, I have indeed connected the button whilst you have been reading this.

This stuff of legend.

You will remember this day.

The day I revealed to you – perfection

Just as I was about to connect the button I thought I’d better check the pertinent legislation. Under the “Button Implementation Act, 1922“, a “full 72 hours notice must be issued before implementation of a button“.

Like a cunt, I could have done something wrong, naughty even. I will adhere to this rule because I always obey rules, especially absurd ones issued in an obsolete Act of Parliament.

Alternatively, I may ignore the rules, like I normally do, and connect regardless…

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    I looked and could see
    If you only look
    You can also see
    The perfection so clear to me

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