Words; they’re merely letters, jumbled up

My brain had an idea of such brilliance [as usual] I am busy doing what it told me.

During this work for an upcoming campaign with Public Health England and, perhaps, NASA, I realised the horrific truth: I haven’t got a logo.

I need a snazzy logo.

On a related point, I found my sunglasses so everyone can stop looking for them due to the fact I have found them.
I now can’t find my pen with the naked lady in it. She’s not naked all the time. Only if you tip her upside down. If you see this pen, please contact me using the contact form [top of page]. It is a matter of some importance.

Whilst on the subject, I shaved off my beard. It was fucking hopeless as a disguise because everyone knew it was me anyway. Also, it adds zero regarding pleasuring a lady – if anything, it’s a hinderence.


Groove is in the heart

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