Yes I do…

I intended to tell you the whole story about my horny admirer…

A few days after my undeniably wonderful weekend, I received an envelope from that lovely little fucker of mine with a marriage contract enclosed.

After reading my story, every woman understands that I didn’t hesitate for a moment
and immediately put my signature underneath the paper.
However, with a few additions!
Because an emancipated woman like me still has some dirty wishes.


For those who have problems with my handwriting:

Addition: I agree with all the conditions set for this, as long as my spouse fucks me at least three times a day. Which means:
*   One time in the morning when I wake up.
A girl like me desperately needs her protein …
*   One time at lunchtime after lunch.
To make sure he is having lunch at home and not somewhere else.
*   And at last: From around ten p.m. to two p.m.
I definitely want to squirt in the bed about six times every night.


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    If only I’d thought of the right words you would not have had to use your beautiful hands, eyes, mind, to add what is a prerequisite for someone as lovely as you.

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