I get a threatening email from a lunatic

I received a threatening email from a lunatic.

It’s normally me sending crazy emails – oh, the irony.

That slut Marie has taken to emailing me after, like a fool, I gave her my email address [and everything else]. I had to. She wouldn’t let go until I did – it fucking hurt.

I will understand if you are horrified at what you’ve just seen and, what’s worse, the first four items are the mildest. There is a total of 47 vile threats, each more bizarre than the previous.

She’s very imaginative, you have to agree. Although, many of the acts mentioned, she’s already done to me. In fact, number 33, she’s done multiple times and, 21, I have to perform every single time we meet, yes EVERY SINGLE time.

She pinched the ideas of lists off me, though, she’s taken them to another level.

She is unrealistic. Number 3, for example, she’d have to tie me up to manage that. Number 17 – she only wants to do that because I did it to her.

I admire her. I also like her boldness.

My plan is to ignore the email and carry on as normal. I doubt very much if she would dare do these dreadful things to such a wonderful guy as me.

Plus, I’ve found a new hiding place: in the room where the washing machine lives. I didn’t know we had a washing machine. There’s loads of stuff in this secret room no-one ever goes in; a drier, loads of dirty washing and this big white box that clicks.

Anyway, I told her not to come on this site and look at stuff, especially stuff about her.

The thing is with tarts like Marie, they’re all mouth. She might think she wants to do these perverted acts but she hasn’t got the guts. She’s an idiot.

Just because she’s abused me in the past doesn’t mean she can do it again. Anyway and also, I laugh at danger.

When she comes here, assuming she ever finds me or my tart wife tells her, I’ll say; “Go on then, you silly tart, do it”. We’ll see what happens then.

Also and additionally and as well, I’m going to create a list of things I’m going to do to her and email it to her – she how she likes it.

The “Remote Content” was a disgraceful photo featuring me and her [I liked it very much]

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