I buy another appliance

I have discovered why I deserved special attention this morning – or whenever it was, days just meld when you don’t sleep.

The sweetie had used my credit card to buy a machine for drying the dishes. As she rightly pointed out; “What’s the use of a dishwasher without a dish drier”. She’s obviously put a lot of thought into the matter.

She said it was an ‘emergency‘ because she could get it at the bargain price of £4,000 [30,000 euros]. She said she was only thinking of me and how hard I have to work to steal the money in the first place. Isn’t that nice of her.

And, she’s offered to look after the payment side of my credit cards because she knows I find that tedious. She is wonderful.

She worked out my card’s passcode by a process of mathematical logic. Amazing, She could never have guessed the code was 1234, I’ve never told anyone or put it on the web. She’s so clever.

Now I feel guilty about all the horrid things I’ve called her on this site, and elsewhere.

I shall buy her something nice, something non-appliance related. It’s not fair she should be worrying her pretty head about such mundane things.

I am a horrible person who doesn’t deserve her. I am Sywwow

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