Buy my Pencil Sharpener you twats [that was an ad].

Some jerk wrote an article on here called “How to catch a blonde”.

Speaking as a blonde myself [actually I’m fair haired, but that’s nearly blonde], I think the whole thing is a load of bollocks.

I suppose it was meant to be funny but you can’t hear me laughing, can you?
Can you?

Actually, I’ve just dyed my hair black. This was all part of an elaborate disguise.
I went to great time and expense doing so. Yet, people said; “Why have you dyed your hair black?”

You see, they still knew it was me.

It was all a pointless waste of time. Just like when I grew a beard. And, when I went ‘round dressed as an onion seller. I didn’t have any onions so I used potatoes instead. And a carrot.

According to the website of the jerks who make the dye I have to; “Wait for the normal colour to come back through”. I’ve been sat here ages and it still looks black to me.

It’s the redhead business all over again.

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