I get ordered to have Blue Flashing Lights on My Car

Recently I may or may not have mentioned buying mag-mount blue flashing lights, as used by the police.

I was working with the USAF playing with fighter jets. These fucking things are out-of-this-world mad. I cannot tell you the thrill when you’re so close to them you can reach out and touch them. When they take off, it is like nothing on earth.

It’s the noise. Even when they’re specs in the sky. The noise & vibration.

The guys who fly them are in a class of their own.

Anyway; “Anyone with access to the runway must have blue flashing beacons on their vehicle operating at all times”.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

In the dark, on a motorway. On & off a few times. The road clears ahead of you like the parting of the red sea.

The fun I had with those lights.

It was when I added the siren that things got out of hand.

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