A perfect gift for Christmas

I’m so excited. I’m so so excited. I think I may have wet myself.

I’ve just got back from HMV in Leeds, England.

I queued all night to be the first person to get my hands on the best Christmas album ever.

I noticed when I called in at the Shell garage opposite the furniture shop where I got my bedside table, they had it in there. When I asked, they said they’ve had it since November.

I don’t care.

I listened to it over and over again on the way home. It’s the best record ever in the history of records. Ever.

It’s the best Christmas album she’s done since the one last year. Ever.

On Amazon there’s a special version available next week for £99 which has one less track but comes with a free sticker. I’ve put an advance order in. It was well worth the extra £15.


Isn’t she the best. My most favourite track of all is That one Bing Crosby Did. It’s my ringtone now.

Mr Sywwow – or xxxxx xxxxxx as I know him – will be reviewing it on the best website in the world: Sywwow.com

I doubt it will be a repeat of that scathing vitriol he did for the Mariah Carey album; “Christmas with Mariah”.

He wouldn’t dare

I did the above article on behalf of a BarbarElla fan who couldn’t figure out how to do it herself.

I am the most wonderful person I know. And, I know everyone

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    1. SYWWOW

      Your modesty is yet another attribute to add to so many.
      This is a sure fire number one.
      I just heard your duet with Mick Jagger on the radio: “Baby It’s Cold Outside” it was hot, hot, hot.
      The best I could ever achieve was #42 in the charts [Fact]. No date. No year. No reveal.

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