Murder, She wrote

A harrowing true story about a much abused slip of a lass, egged on by her evil mother, who carried out her threat to “Fucking Kill” the evil twat Sywwow, is brought to life in the new hilarious comedy: I Murdered Him (Bonnie. Sywwow Books, 2020).

He deserved it” – Daily Mail

If you want to know how to murder someone in full gory bloody details complete with instructions: this is the book for you” – Women’s Weekly

What a terrible woman. But, Justified” – The Sun

The most horrific book ever written. A must read” – Horror Magazine

We don’t do fuck all any more – kill whoever you like, especially that cunt” – The Policeman (Monthly)

You will be shocked, sickened and will probably vomit in the laugh-out-loud blockbuster I Murdered Him (Bonnie. Sywwow Books, 2020).


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