A box – a metal box

A video made by the rapper with the unpronounceable name of ‘3Paper3‘ was referred to on a website recently.

I have viewed the video. It’s your typical rap nonsense consisting of firearms, drugs, cash, scantilly clad females, cars and, the poseur, 3Paper3.

I have removed its footprint from planet earth. The only way to view it now is to insert a usb stick into a pc. The problem being, the stick lives in a cardboard box along with other material covering a variety of subjects and persons.

The box resides in a special safe which I acquired during a spell at Chippenham.

After I shuffle off this mortal coil and journey to an undiscovered country someone, who knows who or why, will attempt to open the safe. The problem for them is, after two unsuccessful attempts at inputting the code an explosion will occur inside the metal box obliterating forever the contents therein.

This person will not be harmed – only the contents will

I must take so many secrets with me, it’s a matter of honour.

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