I deal with milfs

Don’t worry love. I’ll cure you

In my capacity of a fully qualified psychiatrist I have discovered a phenomenon undocumented in the anals of the field of psychobabble.

The condition primarily affects women of a certain age: milfs.

These ‘milfs’ have got it in their pretty little heads they don’t need discipling. They feel above it all, they are against it.

The condition shall, henceforth, be known as ‘MAD’ (Milfs against Discipline).

Luckily, for the entire world, I am at hand to deal with this problem with a treatment plan.

The milf will refuse a good spanking or, heaven forbid, a caning.

She must be taken aside, by me, and quietly talked to. She will be advised how she is naughty and therefore must be punished – logic.

Difficult cases may respond with audacious comments such as; “I’m not naughty”.

These cases, I refer to as ‘completely MAD’. They require special care whereby I say something like “I think you’ll find you are actually naughty”. This usually does the trick and the milf can be thrashed until she says the safe word (I don’t always tell them what the safe word is because they’re MAD and have a tendency to use it with gay aplomb).

I make MAD women not MAD – it’s what I do

I don’t expect thanks, or perhaps a Knighthood, for the work I do to make the world a better place: it is my vocation.
Because I’m a professional I have had a TV commercial made to promote my most excellent services. You can view it here:


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