Ladies – I am here to help (again)

Download my document and get spanked – it all makes perfect sense to me

Since becoming (by fair and democratic means) The President FOR LIFE of The Spanking Association of Great Britain, I have been moved by the correspondence from ladies distraught at not being spanked.

I am well known for my wonderfulness so, what I have done to help you poor poor ladies, is create a document for you to hand to your partner instructing them, in no uncertain terms, to spank you straight away.

I’ve tried to help as best I can but appreciate the letter has no binding legal force. Equally, if you’re outside the UK your partner could rightly claim the order has no jurisdiction.

The best way to play it is: look all worried. Then produce the document and say; “Fucking hell, you’d better do what it says – we don’t want the spanking police coming around here for all the neighbours to see”.

I’m afraid, if he or she won’t follow the order there’s little I can do to enforce it. I’m sorry.

If all else fails, I am at your service: you know where to find me

Punishment Order

Ladies: He won’t spank you?: Use this official document with my compliments

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