Sorry to bother you

There’s no denying the fact I’m sweet & lovely.

The drawback in this lies in my susceptibility to being used by females.

I’m so shy and reticent they can manipulate me into doing things. I’m butter in their hands. Butter, I tell you.

As a case in point let me expose my sleeping arrangements. I don’t like sleeping in the middle. It’s too hot. I feel trapped. If I get up during the night to, for instance, write a poem, I get a load of whingeing for waking them up.

I eventually summoned the courage to complain. I took the precaution of speaking very quietly so as not to annoy them. They couldn’t hear me so I spoke very loudly – this annoyed them.

They said it was them put at an inconvenience and they were forced to sleep like that all because of me.

I was forced into the bedroom and they lay either side of me. They then proceeded to demonstrate how it was essential Marie is on the right and Bonnie is on the left: all because Bonnie is left-handed.

After the demonstration reached completion, they did the same demonstration all over again to pound the message home.

I apologised for my effrontery and begged their forgiveness because I’m so weak.

Later, I reflected on the episode and feel they may have hoodwinked me. They may have taken advantage of me because I’m like a little lamb.

What I might do if I can manage to be firm, is ask them if they wouldn’t mind repeating the demonstration so I can be sure what they have told me is not a fib.

Only if they don’t mind being inconvenienced – I’m so desperately introverted.

I needed to illustrate this piece so loaded the first picture I found that vaguely featured a bed. I didn’t want to cause any sort of fuss regarding the sourcing of a photo – because I’m so timid. The lady appearing in the photo has a very nice bottom. I wouldn’t mind giving it a slight tap with the palm of my hand – better not


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