Little Jacqueline was in the kitchen busy drawing in her day book.

Denise, sitting opposite at the table, watched as the picture of a house became animate with the addition of flowers and a tree in the garden.

The task afforded to Denise this day was to keep Jacqueline inside the kitchen and occupied whilst the adults dealt with the occasion of which she was not to learn.

The idle thoughts of a child not much older than Jacqueline began to distract Denise from her duty. Correcting herself, she sat up straight and commented on how well the drawing was progressing

Suddenly Jacqueline stood up and made for the door. Denise, grabbing her arm, managed to detain the struggling girl. Unable to escape, Jacqueline looked into the eyes of Denise and said; “Je veux voir mon papa passer” (I want to see my daddy go by).

Denise released her grip.

They watched in silence, through the parlour window, as the cortege made its way past the little house on its solemn way to the church.

Je veux voir mon papa passer”

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