Doncaster 1952

Since becoming President FOR LIFE of the SAGB it has been a constant worry to me that a miscarriage of justice could occur during my tenure.

From the archives comes this cautionary tale from 1952.

“It was during my time assigned to the North Eastern Section that I had cause to visit Doncaster. My appointment was with a young housewife of around 23 years whom had reported a tendency toward naughtiness and cited several, somewhat vague, examples.

As per standing orders, I conducted the pre-disciplinary briefing. It was during this it became evident the young lady was misinformed as to what constitutes naughtiness. She was, it would appear, entirely free from actionable thoughts and deeds and thereby not to be subjected to punishment of any kind.

She, on learning of this, appeared greatly relieved.

Kindly, she prepared a pot of tea and brought in some Battenburg cake. I reasoned to exchange pleasantries and enjoy the refreshments to pass the time before I made my way to the station to get the 15:27 to York.

Further illustrating her poise and delicacy she offered to pour the tea.

It was then she dropped her guard revealing her true nature: smiling at me she gently stirred the tea with the spoon in an anti-clockwise direction.

This effrontery to tea drinking etiquette had to be answered but only after completion of the tea and cake, that being the polite and proper thing to do. After which she was subjected to the most severe spanking Doncaster had witnessed since the time of the Victorians”.

Beware the guile of women

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