Regina Vs Sywwow

A travesty of injustice ruins the reputation of the British Judicial system. Exposing how shit it is and what cunts they all are

Some twat, who-knows-who, contacted the judge presiding over the trial of Angry Angus drawing his attention to this site and stuff I may have said.

I was summonsed to the court to answer a charge of perjury.

I have been ‘awarded‘ a fine of £2,500 and ordered to pay £2,000 in costs.

It gets worse: because of my “tainted evidence” the order sending Angus on an Anger Management Course has been rescinded

It gets even worse: Angus is coming to see me

And, there’s more: The judge ordered my file be delivered to him, It’s always a mistake when someone orders my file be delivered to them. He read I never completed my Anger Management Course. Now, I have to complete it – in fucking Leicester, I fucking hate Leicester: the roads there get me so angry, so very angry indeed.

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