Missing, please help

Some loon where I live is a foolish knave of the first order.

Rather than do constructive stuff such as the VAT returns which are due in 48 hours, he sneaks off to ‘help naughty ladies‘ in Birmingham & Oxford and, what’s worse, puts up A4 leaflets on lamp posts and public notice boards.

This nincompoop was responsible for the upsetting; ‘Let’s EXPAND Birmingham Airport’; the controversial “Ban Cyclists from our streets” and the confusing “It wasn’t me”.

He’s doing it at three in the morning when everyone is asleep (unless that bloody air horn goes off)

The latest to appear all over the place is this:

Pictured, Tibbles with my niece Sophia whom he loves because she brings him “Whiskers – 9 out of 10 cats say they prefer it”

Seriously, if you see Tibbles contact me asap DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR HIM


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