A torch of evil

In my recent article Light Me Up which was, in turn, prompted by my recent article Tricks Tarts do to Trick You #3,208 I examined the amount of lumens being produced by a torch.

I successfully procured the brightest known torch ever.

Whilst I was searching for a torch to put all other torches in the shade, I ventured to parts of the web you lot should never go. There, I found the most dangerous.

In the shape not dissimilar to a 9mm automatic, it ‘fired’ some sort of laser which would: “Cause instant blindness and permanent brain damage”.

It came with all sorts of safety gear and an attractive case – all for $800

I have asked about and the only possible use for such a thing is some sort of welding.

No, I did not buy it. And, don’t go looking for it coz it ain’t there anymore.

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