Cookers – Special Limited Edition

Please do not use the Vouchers


When I was first approached about this Special Edition, I was most reticent as, I feel, I should maintain a certain aloofness.

On reflection I thought, “I might get some more tarts wanting to give good money for me to thrash them & make them cry”.

I therefore agreed and did it.

I’m pleased, overall, with the edition and was relieved to discover that, with the exception of pages 5, 19, 71 and 11, there are no cookers (or ovens).

In all of the excitement during the production of this magazine I got carried away and allowed a number of vouchers to be given away free within its pages. I would ask, or plead, that ladies discard these and therefore not use them in order to get my professional services for fuck all or, as in one voucher’s case, I have to give them £1.

The cover, admittedly, is a bit shit but that’s because I did it.

Click here tarts and I’ll do you (oh ffs, there’s vouchers there as well)

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