Ken, Jane and Bambi

Mad geniuses such as myself suffer the slings and arrows of the mundane.

Ken Russell

This was the case with the most underrated director of all time, Ken Russell.

Ken, actually did kill Bambi. They all then retired in tears for the day. This is just an example of his extreme behaviour which led to him being regarded as too risky to put behind the camera.

Like Kubrick, if left to his own devices, he would produce masterpieces.

Ken had to sail his own ship, as do I.

When he died, a number of projects, avant-garde, crazy, absurd were left in everlasting limbo.

Only one director, excepting me, could be entrusted with “From Britain…” this director was Ken.

What happens with movie projects is they are essentially sold before filming even starts, it’s called ‘optioning’. When a production is abandoned someone usually ends up owning the option and puts it away thinking one day it may become cash.

So, here we are today. Thanks to my sponsorship deal with Richard Branson and my expert dealing with a recent Bottom Scandal I have acquired the rights to my own work which was until today the property of Michaelmas Films Limited now a wholly owned subsidiary of Netflix Media whose operations are controlled by Ms. Jane Fonda.

From Britain…” shall soon see the light of day right here on


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