I get Restrained by a Tart

I was trying to superglue a tart’s tits to a table when she brought me to my senses. Yes, how ridiculous of me – no gloves.

I can’t be trusted with superglue and I must wear disposable gloves and act with caution. The trouble is, when I’ve got some tits to play with, I get over excited and over exuberant. The tart was right to intervene.

Ladies, if you entrust your udders into my care it is incumbent upon you to ensure I don’t get carried away. I could have got glue on my trousers again or stuck myself to the table which would have been terrible.

Happily, it all worked out nicely and she was stuck to the table by her breasts whilst I did a load of stuff to her. She’s still there now but that’s a different story

Ready to be glued – trust me, I know what I’m doing

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