Site Mechanics

On Monday 14th September I shall convert this site to Ultrafast PHP.

This site is now classed as ‘large’. Ultrafast PHP will:

• Provide Faster page response: up to 50% drop in the TTFB (time to first byte), which will make pages load faster;
• Provide Increased server capacity: the host node will be able to process about 20-30% more requests, which means it will be able to handle traffic spikes better;
• Facilitate Lower server memory usage: with up to 15% drop in memory usage, this vacates server resources for handling more traffic and faster;
•The Expected overall performance improvement should be 30%

The site is well within its server capabilities, it has a back up server located somewhere on this planet and, a reserve facility which enables it to match the likes of Netflix (if this was ever to happen, I’d need Netflix’ income. It’s a traffic handling solution if ever needed)

An unforeseen menu and category scenario exists. There are three primary categories and multiple other categories and, increasingly, tagging. As I live and learn the structure required is clearer to me. I shall improve navigability on-going by better categorisation & linking. I won’t retrograde existing content as a bit of chaos never hurt anyone.

Security: Multiple and I do mean multiple ‘things’ are protecting this site. Please do not attack this site: it could be the worst decision you ever made. There are plenty of real twats out there to do over – you know who they are. My Country bans remain in force (China). There shall be no release of data on how this is achieved.

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