The things girls do

Some time ago I was embroiled in something of a scandal which we need not go into here.

Dealing with several governments it was, of all people, The United States of America who came to my aid: “We do not supress freedom of speech in The United States of America”.

It transpires, I can do all sorts in PRINT which I can’t do elsewhere, such as on a website. My legal advisors tell me a pdf intended to be “printed out to enable studying for academic reasons” is classed as printed material.

Ergo, my pdf, “Women with Animals” is available here to download and PRINT for you to study for academic reasons

Note: The download will be refused in a number of countries

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS if you do not want to see women pictured, explicitly, with animals

Women with Animals

This, EXPLICIT, publication is intended to be printed out and studied for academic reasons

WARNING: Contains Explicit Images: women pictured, explicitly, with animals

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    That’s bad
    Fascinating, bizarre – but bad
    Unless it’s your sort of thing, in which case, it’s great

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