Site Mechanics: Media

I know him. Lucky bastard

My robot has discovered stuff about Media content which I have checked out.

WordPress is the CMS running this site. It has a non-security related fault to do with Media.

The system is reporting Media as ‘unattached’ when, in fact, much of this media is actually in use. I shall not delete any ‘unattached media’. I won’t tell WordPress about this or the security issues I have discovered because, evidently, I’m a disgusting piece of shit running a site like this.

I have found images containing personal info. I must have missed these when they were loaded (not by me). These were never used (unallocated) and have been dealt with.

I have looked at optimizing all media but this is risky and requires scheduling so is on hold.

I shall now show you Heidi with a friend to test the function where you have to be logged into view:

Fucking hell !

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