I am desperate…

Due to the corona measures that are being taken all over the world, I cannot travel to England in the coming period. And that’s where my problem begins.

In the past, I have been honored to receive the cane and whip from our esteemed Lord Sywwow on my craving buttocks several times.
He treated me as he should and kept going until my ass showed red welts. It gave me so much pleasure that I often had squirting orgasms.

Here in the low countries on the North Sea I have tried to find an equivalent for good spanking, but so far I have not yet found a suitable man or woman to enjoy the same pleasure.

This is a cry for help to the well-behaved Lord Sywwow.
Dearest Lord, you may know a solution to this problem.
I also have a lot of horny girlfriends who want to undergo the same.

To illustrate, I hereby send you a picture of my virgin (and divine) buttocks in the hope that a solution to this major problem will be found soon.

Was signed.


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    Believe me, I am earnestly working on this problem.

    I know there is no man on earth like me so searching for a substitute would be, quite frankly, a waste of time, energy and resources. I heard of a guy once who was ‘better than Sywwow (ME)’. After a long and somewhat seedy search I found this guy was actually: ME (SYWWOW).

    Any Tart who comes here is stuck with me for 14 days. This is fine by me but certain services may not be readily available – I am but one man.

    Additionally, returning home can entail 14 days isolation.

    If I go to someone, say in Europe, I must stay with them for 14 days (minimum). I have the other Tarts of the world to consider so can’t risk that. Pause for a moment and think of the devastated Tarts – such things have led to wars, the siege of Troy being an example if you change all the characters and alter the plot considerably

    I do have certain ‘means’ at my proposal which I used last time ‘round and still do. These cannot be used for extra-curricular activities (I flew over your country a few months back – you didn’t wave)

    My ideas for self-spanking and an App (Android only: Apple products are for twats) came to nought but shame & embarrassment.

    Ergo, the solution for now, which may not suit all, is to come here and stay for ages & ages.

    To cater for elongated stays, I am introducing a range of activities including a bottom treatment course encompassing all disciplines where the students (Tarts) get to whack each other which saves me a job. Even this is an issue and I can accommodate only two additions (yes, work it out)

    As far as your ass is concerned and the asses of your friends, you should spank, whip & cane each other – inept & ineffectual as this may be. You should also keep track of naughtiness in my punishment log (here) so, at a later date, I can apportion extreme & uncalled for retribution

    I would also say, these measures are in place for a reason and anyone (except me – and, I have a pass) who flouts the regulations is a first-class twat. Take comfort from the old saying: “absence makes the heart grow fonder

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