My New Name

Now I’m back in the saddle down at Horsey Horsey Farm the tarts down there are up to their tricks & trickery once more – to my great relief.

They have taken to calling me Cherry Bum.

This of course provides endless amusement for them and they all think it’s hilarious. I just go all red & sheepish and pretend I don’t hear them calling me Cherry Bum.

The specifics of why I have become Cherry Bum are vague and confusing. However Cherry Bum originates from The Charge of the Light Brigade. I’ve always liked girls with brains so am most impressed by this literary reference which also refers to our joint world of all things horsey and, presumably, my bottom.


Charge of the Light Brigade: why can’t I be in a film like that? My Irish TV series remains on hold and I recently had to pass on another series much closer to home. The next offer I get I’m taking I don’t care what it is

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