Now the autumn leaves are turning to the colour of her hair, like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning on an ever-spinning reel, it’s time for the Sywwow Autumn with a bit of Winter calendar.

Calender update

Aphrodite chose the subject, “A right Twat”, it would seem. Evidently, me naked on a horse wearing my new hat isn’t good enough.

The Tart pictured above a load of numbers which, when added up equals 724, is non other than famous Australian Model & Slut, Sarah. What a Cunt.

Instructions: print out on very thick card which jams the printer, laminate it being careful to inhale the sweet sweet fumes and dream of sunflowers, when you wake up hang it on a wall or on the fridge by means of six inch nails or my twat cooling spray (warning: calendar will be stuck there forever if you use the spray which is not advisable)

Thirty days hath September,
And some others I can’t remember
All the rest have something near
But it all fucks up when it’s a Leap Year


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