Goblet spoon …

To be fair, I’ve owned a goblet and a very special goblet spoon for quite some time now. My eye fell on it when I visited a curiosity fair.
I could not resist the temptation and immediately bought the gems that they are in my eyes.

Especially the spoon is very special as you can see. It is a kind of strainer attached to a drinking straw. The moment I saw that spoon I got all kinds of wild fantasies. I use both objects as follows today.

During my sexual escapades I let my partner or partners spray their hot cum into the goblet. And because, as a hard-working girl, I regularly need a shot of protein, I dip the spoon in the fresh liquid and drink the entire cup to the bottom with it.

I am really curious what our Lord Sywwow uses his own goblet spoon for.


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    I don’t have a goblet so the spoon goes somewhere else and, sometimes, it provides nourishment – the clue is on the handle – a logo

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