A Day Out

Breeding your bitch is a right annoyance; I can tell you.

Exorbitant stud fees, disreputable breeders and, of course The Kennel Club of London (Twats). Not to mention insemination, don’t get me started on that.

I spent ages on the web, on the phone and emailing before I eventually found a dealer in a nearby town who had a half-decent reputation and arranged a date.

Dame Beatrice. Lovely Tart. She had some shopping bags with her. Silly Tart

Come the day, you have to be careful not to let the bitch know what’s afoot because, when they’re in season, they’ll go wild if they get wind they’re to be sired.

Duly, I put her on the back seat with her favourite blanket and rubber toy. I even packed some shopping bags as if it were a routine outing. I’d taken her out for a long walk prior to all this so she was soon asleep waking briefly when I collected Dame Beatrice whom also had some shopping bags. I don’t know whether she was in on the whole subterfuge or thought when I said we were going shopping she thought we were going shopping.

An uneventful journey and we were outside a grubby looking house in a shifty area of the town in question.

Have you given her something?” asked Beatrice.

I may have”, I replied, “You’d better wake her up and put her lead on”. I said, passing her the lead.

The scruffy looking jerk who answered the door inspired little confidence but most breeders are like this. The first thing on his mind was the stud fee which I had to give him immediately because Beatrice was now alongside me and the bitch was tugging at her lead seemingly wanting to return to the car.

Once inside the manky premises Dave (they’re always Dave) led us into a dimly lit room with worn out furniture and a TV playing in the background.

Fair play, he had three males in there ready to go. However, Dave insisted on going first.

The reluctant Lady Andrea S was soon stripped down but Dave had to use some degree of force before he managed to do his business in her. Missionary, naturally.

Dame Beatrice again. Isn’t she great?

Beatrice was busy recording all this – why should the breeder get all the action? Once edited, the videos get a tidy sum from a dodgy site in France. Especially if there’s a degree of force required to break the bitch in.

The other three males were soon servicing her cunt, one at a time and her twat only, it was a breeding session after all.

Dave was now sniffing around Beatrice who brushed him aside saying she was working with the camera. She also refused when on of the studs came to check her out. It would appear this collection of dogs were beneath even her and she’ll usually fuck anything.

They had soon all deposited their spunk in the resigned Andrea’s reproductive organs. Dave asked me if I was going to do her. I thought about it briefly but, looking at the assembled grimy collection of degenerates, I soon had a camera in hand.

Beatrice and I continued collecting a wealth of material as the four took turns with her. Dave and one of the others even slipped their cocks in her gob and arse which I let go because she’s got a great gob and arse so they shouldn’t be denied a poke.

The fun was brought to a sudden end when Dave’s fat & repulsive wife turned up – they make a perfect pair. She’s not keen on having “Filthy slags” in her abode. Yeah right, I suppose they normally have to resort to fucking her so she’d be missing out this week.

Bundled out like three party crashers we drove as fast as I could back to Beatrice’s. Her and I were turned on to the max having watched Andrea being reputedly fucked and filled up.

Once at Beatrice’s large & imposing home we practically ran inside & upstairs where we fucked like maniacs for a period not exceeding 107 minutes. I came deep inside her perfect wet cunt twice – it would seem churlish not to.

I subsequently discovered Andrea had followed us in (I never locked the car) and availed herself of the bathing facilities. She even changed into some of Beatrice’s clothing which didn’t fit her properly on account of the enormous tits Beatrice is gifted with.

She looked clean and presentable: this is not what I’d spent my time, money and effort to achieve – quite the reverse.

I edited the videos and made a bit of cash. Feeling guilty I spent a tiny fraction on Andrea, buying her a new rubber toy and some of those biscuits she likes.

Lady Andrea S.: Those pair of perverts had a great time getting me fucked by four horrid fellows. When that guy’s wife appeared, they tried to get her to fuck me which, I’m glad to inform you, she refused.

I was in that bath for an hour, and I showered. Twice. I was determined to get their filth out of me.

And, when we got home, finally, all I got in way of thanks was permission, permission! to give him a hand job with my right hand only whilst he watched the horrid videos.

That rubber toy he got me is rechargeable. Guess what? It won’t recharge so I threw it out.

As for the biscuits, he and Aileen ate them all while watching a documentary about the English Longbow presented by Robert Hardy – an expert in the field.

Lady Andrea S. I took her out for the day. What an ungrateful Tart – and whore, if I might add that fact


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