Sarah: The Facts

Being inquisitive, I asked the lovely Sarah if all girls are as good looking as her on Spider Island (Australia).


I wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer so looked on the web and asked some guy who’d been to New Zealand. It transpires she’s not only the best-looking girl on Spider Island she’s the best-looking girl in the Southern Hemisphere. This research supports & confirms my assertion when I said she was the best-looking girl in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here’s a graph:

Sarah should have been a 10 but I couldn’t get the graph to work properly. I must have pressed something because I also emailed it in error to Banksy who said it’s my best work yet. What a half-wit: it’s a graph not a painting (This painting is now for sale for £2 Million)


I told you so


Hold on there a moment. What’s this? Another great Looking girl on Spider Island

And another


And another


Yet another. The place is full of lovely girls (It’s like my place on Saturdays when we do the sword fighting, chess & dancing)


The deciding factor: Now that’s a cunt


There’s no need to go into her arsehole: she is a 10 (despite what the graph said)


I didn’t mention oral. This was a serious piece and I didn’t feel the need to show you sucking on something

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