Heidi Goes on a Picnic

This should be good – I like picnics

Doesn’t she look great. Also pictured is a Bavarian pigeon. Native to Germany they feed mostly on Walnuts. You’d know fuck all about nothing without me

Elephants, first invented in Germany, are a common sight wherever there’s grass and stuff like that


Wild whores live in the woods. Once domesticated, they can make good pets or slaves


She’s forgotten the tit glue. Typical


A threesome


The bloody Twat Inspector. Wherever you go in Germany there’s a Twat Inspector. They’re a nuisance but perform a valuable function inspecting twats


Yummy. Something to eat


That was a good picnic.

Incidently, no-one’s seen or heard from Heidi since this picnic affair. It’s all rather odd

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