Spanking Errors

If you’re impetuous, wild and the sort of bad boy the girls like to hang around with, you have a tendency to do the first thing which comes into your head; which is right every time unless it isn’t.

A case in point is my propensity for unnecessary and un-called for spanking.

In fairness to me, it’s the kind of error any right-minded person can make.

Let’s see a typical ‘Spanking Error’ unfold to prove it’s not my fault:

Here we see the bottom clearly ‘asking for it’

The bottom is presented as if to say; “Spank this fucker. Go on, do it. Do it now. Do it hard” – and loads of other things of that sort, some of it in French as if to add a soixante-neuf to it all


Bloody hell, if this isn’t an invitation to a thrashing – what is? This is what is known as a “Green Light” or a Red one: either way it’s all systems go


Let’s get cracking on this arse…


A classic mistake


Don’t be like me
Spank Responsibly


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