Miss Aileen S.

Miss Aileen S.


The perfectly divine Miss Aileen S. is a German beauty of such loveliness I wrote a poem about her:

All For

The Clouds they parted the sun filled the sky
All for the knowing, she was near by

The flowers in vases broke out in bloom
All for she had entered the room

The noise was silenced the birds were in song
All for her presence had silenced the throng

The moon was a beacon the stars did shine bright
All for her being, lights up the night

The queues they stretched mile after mile
All for the chance to witness her smile

What does all this little rhyme mean
All for my heralding – the lovely Aileen


The most fantastic legs in the known world


A ten out of ten gorgeous she has inherited her exquisiteness from her mother Lady Andrea S. who is an eleven

Miss Aileen S. with gorgeous mother Lady Andrea S.


Miss Aileen S. made her literary debut in A Day in the Country

A Day in The Country – a treat for the girls


A Day in the Country

A girl and her mom get more than they expected during their Day in the Country

The correct title for the daughter of a Lady is Miss. Ergo, Miss Aileen S.


The sexiness which is Miss Aileen S.


Getting Wet


Very Wet



Miss Aileen S. masturbates and orgasms for the first time on film on Sywwow


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