Lady Andrea S.

The Incomparable Lady Andrea S.


Lady Andrea S. is a German stunner.

GG (Lady Andrea S.)


Lady Andrea S. is a Milf in all respects (she has a daughter):

Miss AileenS. (she is over 18)

See all about Aileen Here

She is a true Gothic Beauty.


Her very very close friend BG also features on this site. (see here)



Very much the Dirty German cock sucking and cum swallowing whore she is blow-jobbing all the time and loves deep anal-sex.

She’s also partial to having oral sex with horses – this is true, straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’ so to speak.

Indeed I love to swallow huge loads of horse cum. I love to be challenged by the load, until discovering stallions I could gulp down everything from every penis I ever sucked“. (I had to get her to repeat that, the first time she said it was with a cock in her slutty gob – she likes to speak with a penis in her mouth. How odd).

She would love to hear from you if you have such an animal at your disposal.

See loads of Lady Andrea S. (GG)



A Rear View



She wants it: Lady Andrea S.


Letter from a Lady

The literary debut of Lady Andrea S.

A Lady, very much a Lady, sends a letter

A Day in the Country

A girl and her mom get more than they expected during their Day in the Country


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