All about Beatrice

BG is a German whore who loves men & women in equal measure.


Beatrice (delightful name) is a school teacher by profession

The best looking slut in Germany (bar two)


Beatrice is a big pal of Lady Andrea S. and Miss Aileen:

Beatrice’s friends, demure and dainty girlies, Miss Aileen & Lady Andrea S. whom are noted for their non-naughtiness

All about Andrea S. here


Beatrice 1

See more Beatrice (Album #1)

Album #1

Beatrice 2

See more Beatrice (Album #2)

Beatrice #2



Download the tart – you may learn something:

BG number one

Sexy tart ‘BG’ is here to be downloaded like a downloadable tart (pdf)

BG number two

Delectible tart ‘BG’  returns for another downloadable download the downloadable tart

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