I’m sorry for the things I:

  • Said
  • Did
  • Thought
  • Might Have Done
  • Am planning to do
  • Will do
  • Will say
  • Etcetera
  • Etcetera
  • Etcetera

If there’s anything I missed: I’m sorry for that too.



When you spend as much time apologising as I do it becomes very time consuming.

Ergo, I have created a pdf which you can print out and fill in.

It meets all possible scenarios.

It’s jam packed with false sincerity.

I make it look like it means something by giving it a warranty.

I carry a load of them with me at all times and issue them with gay aplomb.

It’s unisex which means men and women and others can use the form by simply using a pen.

Never say ‘Sorry’ again


Prince of Darkness