The Sywwow Butt Plug (Multi-functional)

For reasons best known to myself, I have been inserting a butt plug into a tart on a regular basis. For her own good, I might add.

Being a genius, it didn’t take long before I thought how this, rather mundane, product could be improved, somewhat.

I didn’t let my disastrous Environmentally-friendly Dildo experience dissuade me from devoting time & effort in creating this unique product, or, ‘experience’ as I prefer to see it.

Just look at all the stuff it does:

Early trials have been troublesome as the prototype is substantially larger that the finished product will actually be.

Early trials have proved painful – don’t worry: not for ME


This is the best idea I’ve had in well over a day

The finished product: perfect in every way (this is a mock-up and I used the handle off the kitchen cupboard which now won’t open)