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Available today through Syswow:
3D Lifelike – Real Feel – Amazone Sex Doll
Oral, Anal, Breast and Vaginal Sex
Only € 199.99

Have you always fantasized about fucking your own Amazone?
From today that is possible with this full-size model.
A mold has been made of the divine body of our delicious sex goddess and with this this silicone version was created.

You Will Get: A Lifelike Sex Doll, Heating Rod, Lubricant.
Easy to use & clean, feel better after heating with the Heating Rod.

Unlike other Sex Dolls: With your Amazone Love Doll you can enjoy oral, vaginal, anal and breast sex.
Each opening will offer a powerful grip, studded with sensational ribbing for incredible pleasure.
And a welcome extra: The nipples are perforated. A special flexible tank can be filled at the back with any liquid you want.
What do you think about sucking her life-like nipples during sex with this lovely doll.

And spanking will be allowed.

Do not hesitate, order your Amazone today.
The circulation is limited.

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