I met a Russian guy some time ago.
Eventually we ended up in bed and had a good sex …
Last week I received a gift by mail .. A belt … with Russian text.
I’m originally blonde, so I don’t know what’s on it.
The text is really Babylonian to me.
I hope my good friend Sywwow can tell me what my fuck buddy says to me.
Lord Sywwow, please help me.

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I’m no liar

This is a true story I kept for a while.
Never shared it, this is the first time.
Mom still knows nothing about it, but now she will.
It happened about 2 years ago when I was 18.

I like to go on vacation as often as possible, usually with friends, just like now. Our travel destination: Australia. I had never been that far before. But yes, a student … how are you going to pay for that? Well the fact is that a few years ago my mother met a nice guy with whom she had a kind of relationship. And although he has already passed 50, he still is a hunk. I always call him my “granddaddy” teasingly … Every now and then I pop in. He has some money, so maybe I could borrow it from him. I took a deep breath and went to see him. It was hot that day and I had dressed accordingly. Mini skirt, a pair of slippers and a sexy top and no panties. I rang the bell and a few minutes later I was in his apartment. After the usual small talk, I had gathered enough courage to ask him. € 2500.00, a lot of money for me.

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But extremely bored with the same dull symbols every time.
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Help me out …

Sometimes it just happens.
I had to work in my mother’s shop and studio all day, she was doing a photoshoot on location.
But today I felt so incredibly horny.
The juices were flowing from my pussy between my legs at every step I took.
My slim fit pants were completely moist in the crotch.
I was alone … working in her new studio.
So, what can a poor girl do…

No customers… I locked the front door for a while and turned the shield… CLOSED!
In a quiet corner I put my hand in my pants and started fingering my wet twat.
To be honest, it did work out …
Though I needed a big cock in my craving cunt, after 15 minutes my orgasm came like a tsunami.
Where are the studs who’d fuck you when I really need them?

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Hot Hot Hot

Available today through Syswow:
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Have you always fantasized about fucking your own Amazone?
From today that is possible with this full-size model.
A mold has been made of the divine body of our delicious sex goddess and with this this silicone version was created.

You Will Get: A Lifelike Sex Doll, Heating Rod, Lubricant.
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Unlike other Sex Dolls: With your Amazone Love Doll you can enjoy oral, vaginal, anal and breast sex.
Each opening will offer a powerful grip, studded with sensational ribbing for incredible pleasure.
And a welcome extra: The nipples are perforated. A special flexible tank can be filled at the back with any liquid you want.
What do you think about sucking her life-like nipples during sex with this lovely doll.

And spanking will be allowed.

Do not hesitate, order your Amazone today.
The circulation is limited.

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Take the opportunity

Ever felt like fucking a hot MILF or a nice tight teenager?
Then this is your chance.
Customized latex inflatable dolls from Aphropdite and Amazone are now available.
For a small amount you can now both fuck them …

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A day off…

One of her free evenings, Aphrodite visited a bar in the center of Antwerp.
As it should be in a good bar, she was not alone there.
Soon she was in conversation with a number of young lads, all between 20 and 30 years old.

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Soon in this theater

Bientôt dans ce théâtre
Bald in diesem Theater
Binnekort in hierdie teater
Snart i dette teater
Presto in questo teatro
Mox in theatrum
Snart i dette teateret
Wkrótce w tym teatrze
Em breve neste teatro
Скоро в этом театре
Pronto en este teatro
Yakında bu tiyatroda
Snart i denna teater

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As Always…

You were ahead of me…
Yes, I understand…
The photo was utterly, utterly challenging …
You had to do something with it.
Such a pity…
poor me …

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New magazine!…

Packed with horny women and whores.
Take a subscription now.
25% discount in the first 3 months!
UK: 9.00 incl shipping costs
Europe: € 10.00

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Color me…

YES, it’s weekend again.
For a moment no worries about my studies and let’s enjoy the nightlife again.
But then the problems arise.
I can never choose …
I’m a colorful girl.
I can wear anything.
Even though I put on a grey garbage bag …
Somehow they still think I’m attractive.
(yes I know I’m gorgious… I’m like Lord SYWWOW)

But then here’s the problem …
Weekend also means sex.
Lots of it…
Getting fucked by some tasty hunk.
And then there’s the problem with the color.
Anybody has any idea what color it should be this time?

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Good girl

Good girl

I’m not your good girl
I’m not your angel
I’m not the innocent bliss you want

I’m the mess of the world
I’m the party girl people judge
I’m the slut you’re ashamed of

I’m not who you think
I’m not what you wanna see
I’m not this prairie girl

I want to be me
I want to do bad things
I want to be a whore

Why won’t you let me be

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Everything has been paid for …

As befits a good student, I regularly travel to a pop temple in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, a city where everything is possible, where everything can happen, where everything happens.

I was once again at one of the countless concerts in the hall standing next to a delicious hunk …
He looked perfect, a little older than me … but that should not spoil the fun.

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My mother said it was simple to keep a man:
You must be a maid in the living room,
a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom.
I said I’d hire the other two and take care of the bedroom bit.

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I’m better…

You must be crazy to say “I’m so fucking good”.
There is always someone better …
And yes, you already guessed it with your genius mind …
Oh yes … I get more audience and attention than you.
I show my face …
And my ass ..
With you it is always that gray circle …
Who wins?

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But sometimes things happen, inexplicably, that you cannot control.
For some time now, and I’m looking for something: I’ve lost my favorite recipe.

I searched all the way to the sadness, but no.
Now last week I opened a desk drawer that I never actually use.
And to my surprise I see a pile of clippings in the corner …
Yes, and on top of it my favorite recipe.
The first thing I have done is to get the appropriate tray from the cupboard and to fill it according to the recipe.
The recipe then orders me to put it in the freezer until it has cooled down after a few hours.
And then the fun really begins.
The result is the icing on the cake and in many cases brings cooling and adds an extra dimension to the things we like.
For me, however, it does not only bring cooling.

Sometimes it makes me totally hot.

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