I am desperate…

Due to the corona measures that are being taken all over the world, I cannot travel to England in the coming period. And that’s where my problem begins.

In the past, I have been honored to receive the cane and whip from our esteemed Lord Sywwow on my craving buttocks several times.
He treated me as he should and kept going until my ass showed red welts. It gave me so much pleasure that I often had squirting orgasms.

Here in the low countries on the North Sea I have tried to find an equivalent for good spanking, but so far I have not yet found a suitable man or woman to enjoy the same pleasure.

This is a cry for help to the well-behaved Lord Sywwow.
Dearest Lord, you may know a solution to this problem.
I also have a lot of horny girlfriends who want to undergo the same.

To illustrate, I hereby send you a picture of my virgin (and divine) buttocks in the hope that a solution to this major problem will be found soon.

Was signed.

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The Romans and the Greeks

Miss Aileen S and I shall now attempt to get some smarts in your head by outlining our joint theory on the Greek influence on the establishment of the Roman Empire.

Yes, Sywwow and I will be examining the impact of the Greeks, using, as an example, the education of the young Gaius Octavius, latterly Emperor Augustus.


Bloody Hell


When you type your tits move about.

Do they?

Yes. Type something now.

I’m typing something now.

Bloody Hell. It’s because you’re sitting like that to reach the laptop. And, your arms are closer together which squashes them a bit.

Just ignore them. Try to resist the temptation to look at them.

Bloody hell. It’s when you type ‘T’s. Type a load of stuff with a ‘‘T’ in it.

Tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits

Bloody hell. It’s the top you’re wearing. It’s pushing your tits together making them more alluring than usual.

Miss Aileen S. wearing a top

If I take it off will that help?

It’s worth a try.
Bloody Hell


It’s worse now. Don’t type stuff with a T in it

That’s not possible. Trust me it’s true. It’s not possible even if I tried

Try typing with just your right hand

What do I do with my left hand?
Shall I do this?

That’s a good idea. Bloody hell

Shall we?


You know?

Oh yes, Okay. That’s a good idea

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A good deed…

It will have been about three years ago that I visited the Belgian city of Bruges with a couple of friends. Believe me, we had a lot of fun. At some point I met an older man. I didn’t recognize him immediately, but he did recognize me. Because who doesn’t recognize me. He remembered me from when I was an escort and had gone out with me a few times. We started talking on the street and wanted to know if my cunt was as good as it was then. I gave him a favor and lifted my skirt. Without hesitation he put his hand between my legs and with a big smile he confirmed that my pussy was just as good as it was then. I am such a sweetheart, I did another good deed and satisfied an older man.

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Amazone Publishing

Press release

As of today it is official and I am the publisher of a number of erotically tinted magazines. An agreement has been concluded with a large publishing house for the publication of the following magazines: Hookers, Neighbors and Whores. “Hookers” will be released in various languages and language areas. The English, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish and French editions are planned.

As a photographer, Aphrodite has signed a contract for Studio Thamara and Lord Sywwow has been appointed as editor-in-chief. Dame Beatrice, Lady Andrea, Heidi and Aileen have been asked to pose for the various magazines on a regular basis and, if they wish, to post their stories and columns.

For the time being, the magazines are only available at sywwow.com, but in the short term they will also be available in supermarkets and in the magazine shops in various countries.

End of Press release

Signing the contract while meanwhile mom was negotiating with one of the editors.

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My dear lord

In response to your call about the feeling of a statue on the fourth plinth, I also contacted my good friend Banksy, who regularly shared the bed with me, and asked him about a proposal to fill the pedestal with a more appropriate statue , one of grand allure.
Attached his suggestion …

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Moronic slack about a classic Triumph Spitfire. Everyone knows the difference between a Spitfire and a GT6. Just look at the hood. That of the Spitfire is smooth, that of the GT6 has a hideous hump from front to back.

In the article that Lord Sywwow posted, but he says it was me who posted the story on the site, there is indeed no Spritfire.
Just look at the ugly hump on the ugly red freak. It is a GT6.

My divine car is really an original Triumph Spitfire …


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I hate red…

I know absolutely nothing about the production of a brochure about a car that seems to have the name Triumph Spitfire.
And certainly not if it is the color of a red Ferrari.
I hate red cars because they remind me of tomatoes and strawberries that I prefer to turn into pulp with my stilettos.

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Wedding day…

Sunday June 14 would have been my wedding day.
But the Covid-19 virus and the Corona lockdown have thrown a spanner in the works. It has now been postponed to next year.
For fun, I recently tried on some wedding dresses.
Mistake … I can’t get married in white at all.
I am no longer a virgin. since I was sixteen.
But, we have had fun …

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Re your review

I am a tart, as you always call us, without any shame, on your website. And like all other tarts, I am equipped with a pair of deliciously flaunted tits with, as icing on the cake, two extremely sensitive and playable nipples.
In your last product review, you described the STANLEY FMHT0-74884 Fatmax Locking Mole Grip 250mm Straight Jaw Pliers, Black, as the ultimate tool to crush and infest our nipples and labia.
Looking at the dreaded device, I saw that the beak of the dangerous-looking weapon had sharp ridges.
Now I am not against receiving a little pain on the sensitive parts of my body or applying it to another tarts.
My suggestion is to adjust the beak with a few rubber pads to minimize serious damage to our valuable body parts.

A second proposal is to attach a trouser hanger to the tits. These are fitted with plastic or rubber patches on the clamps. A nice detail is that you can also hang weights or containers with water on the hook of the hanger.
As an example attached an image of the article and an application of it on my tits.
Yours sincerely,


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The maze …

Nothing comes naturally or easy  in life.
Each time we face the problem of making choices.
Also this time, I go left, I go right or I go straight.
And when you have finally found the right path …
Then the ultimate reward is always available if you solved the problem.
But only if you find it and reply with the right answer.

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A well-considered investment.

Some time ago, the omniscient Lord Sywwow advised us to convert our assets into gold as it would at least retain its value.
I didn’t hesitate for a long time and removed everything I could spend from the implausible banking system.

A goldsmith friend has incorporated the gold bars I bought into useful objects so that I could not only look at it from time to time, but also enjoy it.
I do not normally show them to everyone, I am careful with them.
But in this case I make an exception.
See here the result of my creativity, a collection that fills my craving holes in my lonely hours.

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Potato tree

Whatever happens.
You should never take up the challenge of planting a potato tree.
We all know from history what the consequences may be.
Anyone who plants a potato tree must bear the consequences.
In any case, I’m innocent until proven otherwise …

(I don’t know what that gray spot should mean, by the way.)

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Boring times

We all have to stay inside.
We have to amuse ourselves at home.
Watching television, reading.
Maybe some incidental spanking.

Done with all those things.
Visit my new STORYBOOK.

Exclusive for my Sywwow fans!

Read on…

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Wedding Night Rehearsals…

In a few months it’s time. The long awaited wedding day.
At this moment all necessary agreements are made to ensure that the day runs smoothly.
Even the menu for the guests is already known and we have already had a try out of all the goodies that come on the table.

And I’m also practicing. Now that my partner to be is spending a week abroad, I went through the wedding night with a few friends and started practicing all kinds of sexy and dirty positions.
I just want the day to succeed and the night even more …

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Stunned …

I just received an e-mail from France.
There were two attachments.
My mom, LidiE,  has started painting again and has immortalized one of her visions on the canvas.
She has called them “Vision of Sywwow” 1 and 2.
I’m not sure what to think about it.

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