Stunned …

I just received an e-mail from France.
There were two attachments.
My mom, LidiE,  has started painting again and has immortalized one of her visions on the canvas.
She has called them “Vision of Sywwow” 1 and 2.
I’m not sure what to think about it.

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The moment I got the message I am staying on Curaçao for a 3 weeks holiday.
I am very pleased that I have received the title of professor.
I will therefore commit myself to fornication for the length of days and to wear the title with dignity.
I am not surprised that after 22 years of performing my profession as a hooker, this honorable title came to me.
Right now I’m sending you “my hot greetings” from this lovely tropical Island in the sun.

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The new year has begun.
And where would you be without a proper calender.
Just print the sheets out.
Staple them together.
Punch a hole in it.
And put it on the wall you most look at…

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On one of the last days of the year we want to surprise our loyal visitors with a new addition to our collection.
You could decide not to unpack the new purchase.
In the past it has been found that Barbies in the original packaging increased many times in value and transferred to new owners for exorbitant amounts at auction houses.

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