The maze …

Nothing comes naturally or easy  in life.
Each time we face the problem of making choices.
Also this time, I go left, I go right or I go straight.
And when you have finally found the right path …
Then the ultimate reward is always available if you solved the problem.
But only if you find it and reply with the right answer.

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A well-considered investment.

Some time ago, the omniscient Lord Sywwow advised us to convert our assets into gold as it would at least retain its value.
I didn’t hesitate for a long time and removed everything I could spend from the implausible banking system.

A goldsmith friend has incorporated the gold bars I bought into useful objects so that I could not only look at it from time to time, but also enjoy it.
I do not normally show them to everyone, I am careful with them.
But in this case I make an exception.
See here the result of my creativity, a collection that fills my craving holes in my lonely hours.

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Potato tree

Whatever happens.
You should never take up the challenge of planting a potato tree.
We all know from history what the consequences may be.
Anyone who plants a potato tree must bear the consequences.
In any case, I’m innocent until proven otherwise …

(I don’t know what that gray spot should mean, by the way.)

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Boring times

We all have to stay inside.
We have to amuse ourselves at home.
Watching television, reading.
Maybe some incidental spanking.

Done with all those things.
Visit my new STORYBOOK.

Exclusive for my Sywwow fans!

Read on…

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Wedding Night Rehearsals…

In a few months it’s time. The long awaited wedding day.
At this moment all necessary agreements are made to ensure that the day runs smoothly.
Even the menu for the guests is already known and we have already had a try out of all the goodies that come on the table.

And I’m also practicing. Now that my partner to be is spending a week abroad, I went through the wedding night with a few friends and started practicing all kinds of sexy and dirty positions.
I just want the day to succeed and the night even more …

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Stunned …

I just received an e-mail from France.
There were two attachments.
My mom, LidiE,  has started painting again and has immortalized one of her visions on the canvas.
She has called them “Vision of Sywwow” 1 and 2.
I’m not sure what to think about it.

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The moment I got the message I am staying on Curaçao for a 3 weeks holiday.
I am very pleased that I have received the title of professor.
I will therefore commit myself to fornication for the length of days and to wear the title with dignity.
I am not surprised that after 22 years of performing my profession as a hooker, this honorable title came to me.
Right now I’m sending you “my hot greetings” from this lovely tropical Island in the sun.

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The new year has begun.
And where would you be without a proper calender.
Just print the sheets out.
Staple them together.
Punch a hole in it.
And put it on the wall you most look at…

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On one of the last days of the year we want to surprise our loyal visitors with a new addition to our collection.
You could decide not to unpack the new purchase.
In the past it has been found that Barbies in the original packaging increased many times in value and transferred to new owners for exorbitant amounts at auction houses.

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Take the opportunity

Ever felt like fucking a hot MILF or a nice tight teenager?
Then this is your chance.
Customized latex inflatable dolls from Aphropdite and Amazone are now available.
For a small amount you can now both fuck them …

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October 4 …

As you have all experienced and witnessed, Lord Sywwow, and the terribly beautiful and adorable me, had the pleasure of consuming our first wedding night on October 4.
Something that grew into a huge orgy with the two of us and …

I no longer know if we have used a condom at all.
And if it were, he would have asked me to swallow it …
Or … maybe not …
Condom or not … We fucked like no sensible person has ever fucked!

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Glory hole II

On my search for the final outcome of the glory hole phenomenon, my eye fell on a laptop left behind in a pile of discarded household goods.
How did I know it was discarded? It had a sticker with the word supervacaneous and a number: laptop 11.
Curious and not knowing whether the device would still work, I took it with me.
And, miracle of miracles, after some trickery I saw the windows screen light up.
I could only retrieve one folder called: Trip to the Czech Republic.

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A bit confused …
I come across a beautiful photo of a glory hole on Google.
A really nice picture .. everything goes down so beautifully and smoothly.
But I always really thought that a glory hole had a different meaning!
I’m going to sort it out and come back to it very soon …

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Fuck Santa Claus …

It is sometimes claimed that Coca-Cola was the inventor of Santa Claus in his velvet red suit, but that is not true. Coca-Cola did shape the look and personality of Santa Claus as we know him today: a friendly smiling man with a long white beard, a big belly, blushing cheeks and a red suit.

But how did it all start now? In 1860 a draftsman in New York came up with a character who went to visit children’s homes and gave them presents. For this he relied on the legend of the Dutch good saint “Sinterklaas”. (Saint Nicholas)

In the 1930s, soft drinks were seen as real summer drinks and few people drank soft drinks in the winter period. Coca-Cola wanted to change that and therefore in 1931 came up with a globally known character: Santa Claus. Initially, Santa Claus was portrayed as “Sinterklaas” as a slender man with a stern look.

It was draftsman Haddon Sundblom who in 1931 created a friendly Santa with a convex belly and blushing cheeks for Coca-Cola. And that is how the Coca-Cola Santa came into existence, as we still know it today. The popularity of Santa Claus is therefore closely related to Coca-Cola.

So … It once again proves that there is only commercial junk from those imported idiots in America that blow over to these parts …
Fuck Santa Claus and fuck Coca Cola….

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You can’t judge a book…

A week or two ago I told you that I will stop with certain activities soon.
I am sure I will miss it very much.
I think I’m definitely a little nymphomaniac, otherwise I wouldn’t have lasted that long.
And yes, I must have become addicted to it. The unrestrained sex but also the Euros, Pounds and Dollars … because it has done me no harm. On the contrary.
I think I will put my memoirs on paper in the near future.
I already have a design for the cover of the book …
(Thank you so much Amazone …)A hooker's diaryYes, you can deposit money in advance to make the book possible, but oh well … you don’t have to …
And as Bo Diddley sang wisely: You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover.

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A day off…

One of her free evenings, Aphrodite visited a bar in the center of Antwerp.
As it should be in a good bar, she was not alone there.
Soon she was in conversation with a number of young lads, all between 20 and 30 years old.

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My profession …

Never published beforeFor over twenty years I have been a girl of pleasure that men and women could enjoy.
Yes, I was a hooker, a prostitute and an escort lady.
All these years it has pleased me to please them.
I can write a book about everything that has happened to me and maybe someday I will do that.

But a new chapter has arrived in my life.
I have had a second profession since ten years.
I am a photographer and I am reasonably successful in this.

In addition, I will soon give up my bachelor life.
Yes, I will get married soon.
That is why, after long consideration, I decided to say goodbye to my Escort Services.

Some activities on the internet I will close, some I let exist.
My contributions to this great website will be less, but every now and then I will certainly post articles and photos.

From January 1, 2020 I start my new life.
But I will not disappoint my friends here or elsewhere.

Love and kisses to all of you


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