Sperm Intake Calculator

Keep Track of the Cum you’ve Swallowed thanks to me, Sywwow

Input the number of loads you’ve swallowed and let the calculator do the rest.


Ok you twats, you wanted an app so you can calculate on the go.

It is an interactice ‘app’ so does not require a download. (it is not an app in the sense of, say, a fitness app).  It, and this site, gathers no data.

Ergo, point your thing at the QR code




The largest bottle in the world is 480Litres. I checked with the owner and it “has no name” – it does now it’s ‘Sywwow‘.

The Sywwow is 480L which is equvalent to 160,000 Loads. If you consume more than that you’ll have to keep track of your Sywwows.

The shortcode link to this page is   sywwow.com/cum

Note: Girls who won’t swallow must be spanked: see here

Another Note: Girls who do swallow must be spanked: see here

Yet another note: It’s not then end of the world if you don’t swallow – it’s up to you (you may end up having to be spanked either way: see here)

Here’s another note: Are you a recorder holder? Tell me here (or tell me, even if you’re not a record holder)

Leader Board

No-one has told me fuck all (maybe only the girls I deal with swallow and the rest – all other tarts on the planet – don’t indulge. That must be the case)


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