Letter from a Lady

If you like the countryside, lovely blondes, oral sex and horses then “Letter from a Lady” is right up your alley.

Lavishly illustrated with several photos and a drawing, it tells the tale of a blonde, her love of giving head and her passion for horses.

Not, by any means, for the faint of heart, it is available for FREE right here, right now.

The sensational “Letter from a Lady” from sywwow

Destined to become a literary classic and join the ranks of such as Lady Chatterley’s Lover we find another evocotive Lady. This particular Lady sends a Letter…


The first in a trilogy, The Letter introduces to the world: Lady Andrea S.

You have not, as they say, seen nothing yet


A Letter from a Lady:

Letter from a Lady

The literary debut of Lady Andrea S.

A Lady, very much a Lady, sends a letter


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