A fucking Painting

I had a bloody good laugh this morning. Kate (Winslet) sent me a photo of a painting done by LydiE.

She’d got it from Tom (Cruise).

What an idiot. He’ll never live this down.

Look at him giving LydiE one. What a slut (Tom) (Cruise).
Ha ha, and, additionally, ha.

Update: ffs sake, it’s not Tom (Cruise) in the painting…


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The Frosting

Sometimes, maybe to feel
I go to where the lights went out
So few have seen such a thing
The pain is too much to bear
I can’t stay there long

Her little heart raced for me

Perhaps one lovely day
When the lights go out
for me

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The Chancellor’s Budgie

The UK is full of ancient traditions.

One of the more unusual pertains to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Once a year the Chancellor takes his Budgie to the Houses of Parliament and presents it to the MPs who then discuss it.

This year he will present his Budgie on March 11.

The Chancellor’s Budgie
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Lord Sywwow can’t appear on the Jeremy Vine Show because he’s saving the rain forest

Lord Sywwow was due to appear on The Jeremey Vine Show on BBC Radio2 this week. However, he had to go to the rain forest in order to save it.

The best man in the entire world was quoted as saying; “I’ve only just been released by my kidnappers. They realised it was wrong to hold me against my will when I have so much good to do in the world. I was desperate to ride over ON MY BICYCLE to do the wonderful Jeremy Vine Show hosted by man’s man Jeremy. But, and I mean but, this business about the rain forest got me so worked up I rode MY BICYCLE here instead in order to save it”.

Mr Vine, his production team and the legal department of the BBC would be well advised to let the whole matter drop right here and now. Or, and I mean or, do they want the ire of the world’s media and Twitter to rain down upon them for trying to punish the great Lord Sywwow for not appearing on his show when he wanted to do it but had the temerity of wishing to save the rain forest instead?

A disgruntled Twitter user (note the colour of her shirt). She’s very upset to learn of the BBC’s attitude and legal threats made to poor Lord Sywwow who is trying to save the rain forest. However, she may smile and be happy if she learns the whole matter of ‘non-appearance and breach of contract’ is dropped.


The Rain Forest – Lord Sywwow is busy saving it right now. This is why he can’t be on Jeremey’s show and ‘explain himself’


Lord Sywwow pictured on HIS BICYCLE
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