Shave, Madam?

I know what women want and what they need.

Ergo, I’ve added to my burgeoning range of vaginal ‘therapies’ by adding Twat Shaving.

Yes, simply lay back and let me get on with it.


Please note, I always kiss you better: FOR FREE

My razor – sharp as fuck (I also have a specific safety version – if you prefer)


I didn’t do this one. When I get the hang of it all, cunts will look as good as this twat


My Twat Shaving Logo (also available as a tattoo: I outsource tattoos – I’m not crazy. Some tattoos are available done by me). I also cut tart’s hair – it’s a fetish thing which they ask me to do. They’re as mad as fuck


Please Note:

  • My leaflet makes mentioning of gluing. This is was unavailable but is now back with a vengeance. Sewing is available and I’ve got some special spray so it doesn’t hurt as terribly as you’d think.
  • I forgot to mention branding in the leaflet: I do branding
  • I can out mad any of you Tarts: Yes, even YOU